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Full text of "Deed, Caleb Booth to Perez Morton, 1817"

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To all People to whom these presents shall come, Greeting 



^4 o 


For and in consideration of the sum of A 


current money of the Comiuonwealth aforesaid, to ui ,- in hand paid, before , 

the ensealing hereof, by /tM.'"^ /J'^ 


V-t^^' TV* 

"S A-L.V-*.. 

^ .:■ /Hr^i^--^--/-^'l'%^ 

tr— ►-* *-*^>^. 

the receipt whereof 'h<. do hereby acknowledge and A.-y<- fully satisfied, contented, 
and paid, HAVE given, granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released, conveyed and 
confirmed, and by these Presents, do freely, clearly and absolutely give,^rant, bar, y_ 
gain, sell, alien, release, convey and confirm unto /w-^-- the said ly ■^-x-i.'/^, yll,-ir''T<n.^ 

d^^^ heirs and assigns forever. 

^o — y^^ 


. fh i^^^y 


/ I. : ..' /-x-i. — •-- '^ 


_ J^' 



^ T^'-^-V'*-^*- 




.X4 ^--^ ^'^^- •^-' 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the before granted Prei^iises, with the appurtenancfej 
and privileges thereto belonging, to A^^»- the said /c->-t.r^ s/Jin\irt^ 

, /^i;heirs and assigns : 

To^A^J^ and //(:M,i«wn proper use, benefit and behoof, forevermore. And •X'-v. 
the said '€,^-^^:^ A,^<^'^ fc- .^^^,, ,_ /U-v^ A-^-^^^ /-^^ ^.-^y^/^-U--^ 

■tr-t'"- heirs, executors and administrators, do covenant, promise and 
grant unto and with the said /fl-i.tTh i/ji ryf*'-^^ 

''^ ■ '/tx,? heirs, and assigns forever : That before and until the 

ensealing hereof "7-^*. ,>^4he true, sole, proper and lawful owner and possessor of the 
before granted Premises with the appurtenances. Aud liavc in '>'^ ^z-^^^^good right, 
full power and lawful authority, to give, grant, bargain, sell, aliwi, release, convey 
and confirm, the same as aforesaid ; and that free and clear, and freely and clearly 
executed, acquitted and discharged of and from all former and other gifts, grants, 
bargains, sales, leases, mortgages, wills, intails, jointures, dowries, thirds, executions, 
and incumbrances whatsoever. 

AND FURTHERMORE. //L the said <.XJ> A -^^ ^ ^ ... .^ A:. 
/^>*-r-^ ^ for ^-^.i^/v-^? p-^'v->— heirs, executors fiiid administrators, do 

hereby covenant, promise and engage the before granted Premises, with the appurte- 
nances, unto /l..^^. the said j/t'>-t~^ </,duyfv~-^^ 

/t^/ heirs, and assigns forever, to warrant, secure and 
defend against the lawful claims and demands of any person or persons whatsoever. 
IN AVitness whereof n,^-^ 

have hereunto set c—-^-i^ hand^ and seaW this iX^^^c.^- 
day of ^x.tdt^<^^ m the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred 

Signed, sealed and delivered, in presence of 


ci c-^i"^ Ct-^^ ^v'-t^C' 




/l AJ 2-4 

a -i^-^ 



-^.^- ^—y -n' 

/L_//^/6.^.^ Z;'.-^^-"^- 

3 /^^rfr-^.^ h'Si'^/y y/^-,- .^y/.-^^J'^ 



h- X>-^- ^ 




\-> . C--v-» 





^J^^— * 




^.. T^v 

i-^r- y^ 

7 t- t 





,^-v« ••>->-^'- 



X~-^ A/*-